Yu Hong and Nikita Shalenny at Cph:Dox Inter:active 2018

Yu Hong and Nikita Shalenny at Cph:Dox Inter:active 2018
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Khora Contemporary is happy to present ‘She’s Already Gone’ by Yu Hong and the world premiere of ‘The Bridge’ by Nikita Shalenny at CPH:DOX 2018.

In Shalenny’s Virtual Reality artwork the viewer goes beyond the horizon on a compressed forty thousand kilometers journey around the world. Shalenny has long been fascinated by the idea of the bridge in his works, taking the bridge as a starting point for imagining a way of escaping the ongoing crisis in the land where he resides. Based on watercolors by the artist, one setting replaces the other as ghostlike figures cross birch forests, oil fields, abandoned churches and oceans in a limitless universe.

When entering Yu Hong’s Virtual Reality piece, the viewers will witness four scenes following the life of a female character from her birth to old age. As the woman moves forward in her own development, the events around her flow backwards in time. Each scene is hand-painted, the first depicting the birth of the protagonist and the last ending with a shamanistic ritual in ancient times. Whereas the birth takes place in modern times, the following scenes take the protagonist and the viewers further and further back in time, until they reach the earliest known period of Chinese history.

Both works are produced in collaboration with Khora Contemporary and presented in collaboration with CPH:DOX.

No entrance fee. We look forward to seeing you!

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